Inspector #Gadget: tools you need

OK so you have the recipes & ideas for the kitchen, but what about the tools? We’ve put together a small list (go ahead- sigh for relief) of basic products you’ll need to make healthy eating a little bit easier.

Our suggestion? Hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond for some of these items because you can use their 20% coupon on any purchase (better yet? order online — you can get free shipping on orders over $49!). TJ Maxx & discount stores are also great to find deals on basic items like frying pans, spatulas, tongs, and knives.


1. Nutribullet ($90 + 20% discount = $72)

→We like the smaller, personal blenders because they don’t take up as much space & you can take your smoothie/shake on the road.

2. Ninja Blender & Single Serve ($139 + 20% discount = $112)

→This one is a little pricier, but it comes with both the full-sized blender & personal serve if you want both.

Grill Plate 

1. Denmark Cast Aluminum Single Burner Reversible Grill & Griddle ($20 + 20% discount = $16)

→This product is great for grilling chicken, fish & veggies. Just make sure you clean it after each use or else leftover residue will cause a lot of smoke (Weezie learned the hard way)

Frying Pan 

1. Any small or medium sized pan will do the trick. You will use this for frying eggs, sautéing veggies, pan-searing chicken or fish, etc.

Sauce Pot

1. Similar to the frying pan, any type will work. You will use this for oatmeal, cooking pasta & different types of grains, or anything that requires boiling water.

Other Important Items (if you have a kitchen…)

-Sharp kitchen knife



-Wooden spoon



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