Let’s Talk Products

While we don’t feel as though it’s necessary to buy super specific products in order to eat well & fuel your body, we have reserved a few gold star items that really rock our worlds.

  • Ezekiel bread (#hatersgonnahate)

-This product is a staple in our diets. The products are made out of sprouted grains, which means less processing #holla

-We like the grain & seed bread, pita pockets, english muffins, & wraps. You can’t go wrong!

-TIP: Look for this bread in the frozen aisles of the grocery stores. Also, there are many alternatives to Ezekiel bread — just look for any “sprouted grain” bread!

  • Siggi’s Yogurt

-Icelandic yogurt known for low-sugar content.

-It’s super creamy & comes in a ton of unique flavors in addition to the classics (say hello to orange & ginger, fig & lemon zest, and pumpkin & spice)

  • Justin’s Nut Butter packets

-All time favorite for a snack on the go! They come in a ton of great flavors.

-Pair this with a banana or apple on the go, and you’ve got a #winning snack

-TIP: Check out amazon.com to purchase these in bulk!

  • Rise Protein Bars

-These bars are known for their minimal ingredients. Great for pre-workout!

  • RX Protein Bars

– These are a little more pricey and have more of a raw flavor, but they are great for pre-workout, too!

-Try the sample pack

  • Perfect Bars

-These bars are a great on-the-go snack. They’re not the best for pre-workout, but they are tasty & avoid funky ingredients.



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