The Holy Grail of Sandwiches

There is nothing like a hearty sandwich for lunch. Whether you’re at home or in the cafeteria, you can make a masterpiece out of a few simple ingredients. If anything could ever taste like one million bucks, this is it.

IMG_0288                     IMG_0292

The Best Turkey/ChickenSandwich Ever


-Oven-roasted turkey slices (I prefer the fresh sliced turkey breast over deli meat, but anything will work) or 1 full chicken

-Provolone cheese

-Grainy mustard

-Avocado slices

-Tomato slices


-Toasted multigrain or sprouted bread

Tip: If you have a toaster oven, add the cheese half-way through toasting the bread to for some melty goodness

Finally, add a baked sweet potato for some extra #CARBS or an apple & nut butter to make it a balanced meal.

#FuelSimply #CWE


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