All About That ‘Za

‘Za. Pizza. Flatbread. Whatever you want to call the glorious combination of cheese & toppings on bread. Would I eat this the night before a championship game? No, probably not, but it’s a really tasty and simple meal to make on the weekends or with friends.

Disclaimer: This isn’t any regular pizza. It’s crafted on a nice hearty piece of whole wheat naan bread. Super yummy. Best part? Really, really easy to make.


Roasted Kale, Tomato, & Goat Cheese Pizza


-Whole wheat naan bread

-Kale (fresh or pre-cut)

-Cherry tomatoes (I like the yellow ones for the color)

-Goat cheese

-Mozzarella cheese

-Olive oil

-Garlic (feel free to use the pre-cut or minced kind- HUGE time saver)


1. In a frying pan, sauté 1-2 tbsp of olive oil & chopped garlic on low heat (to avoid burning the garlic). Let simmer until light golden. Turn up the heat to medium & add kale.

2. Let the kale cook down (*If you’ve never cooked kale before, here’s a warning: it looks like a lot when you put it in the pan, but it cooks down very quickly). Once it is cooked, turn off the heat and let sit.

3. Follow any directions on the naan package according to which cooking method you’ll use (grill, oven, etc.) Spread a little bit of olive oil on the top of the bread, and then about a 1/2 tbsp of chopped garlic.

4. Place a few thin slices of mozzarella cheese on the bread. Top with the kale & tomatoes. Sprinkle goat cheese on top & some more garlic.

*Use any leftover kale for a nice side!

5. If you’re using the oven, place the pizza in the oven & cook at the desired temp on the package.

6. Keep an eye on it. When you’re bread looks crispy and the cheese is melted, that sucker is ready. to. go.

#Simple #Goodness #CWE


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