Night Before #Gameday

It’s the night before game day. You’re in peak shape after training for months. You’re mentally prepared to dominate (with the help of mind-blowing warmup playlist). There is nothing standing in the way of your team getting that W, except for one more thing: nutrition and pre-game fuel.

At school, our coaches preach being #teamfirst. This means putting the team first in your mind in whatever you do, which includes taking care of yourself. If you chow down on a Snickers bar and a pie of pizza the night before a big game, you are most likely not prepping your body well enough for competition. We’re here to make sure you put #teamfirst in every aspect.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat cardboard or follow a “perfect” plan, but definitely try to get in a nutritious & balanced meal to best set yourself for sweet, sweet victory.

Pasta, Salmon, & Spinach

-Cook off some brown rice pasta, sauté some spinach with garlic & chopped cherry tomatoes, & top with a hunky piece of grilled salmon

Brown rice, Chicken, & Broccoli 

-Cook or re-heat brown rice & grill or bake a full chicken breast

-Boil a head of broccoli until you can poke a fork through the thickest part. Drizzle some olive oil & lemon juice on top

Sweet potato, Steak, & Kale 

-Bake a sweet potato in the oven, sauté some spinach & garlic, and grill off a piece of steak

#CuzIt’sGameday #CWE


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