Post-Workout Fuel

Practice is over, and it’s time to hit the kitchen or the caf. Here are some ideas for when the hunger strikes sets in and you’re #hangry (hungry + angry = hangry).

After Lift… think PROTEIN!

-Within 30 minutes of finishing your lift #gainz, make sure you get in protein.

→Whey protein isolate mixed with water or milk

→Greek yogurt

→Chocolate, Banana, PB Shake (never gets old)

After Running… think CARBS!

-Oats with nut butter, super-foods, and bananas

After a Game…. think PROTEIN + CARBS!

-Chocolate, Banana, PB Shake with any nut milk

-Any protein & carb source at the tailgate #holla

→Chicken sandwich on a bun



-Don’t forget to #treatyoself! You just worked hard and exerted a TON of energy. Who says you can’t dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? Not us. We proudly support #EmptyPints

Fuel simply, fuel often.



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