Pre-Workout Fuel

It’s time to train. Whether it’s conditioning, lifting, practice, or GAME DAY, we’ve got some ideas for you to stay fueled the whole way through.

The key here is carbs with a little bit of protein. Just remember: Carbs = energy.

If you’re in a rush…. (hello 6am practice)

-Toast, nut butter & fruit

→ My favorite PWO meal is 2 pieces of toast with almond butter, banana or blueberries, topped with whole flax seed or chia seed & sprinkled with cinnamon

→If you’re G-Free, you can always sub out the toast for 2 rice cakes

If you have time…. (to digest)

-Old fashioned or steel-cut oats, topped with nuts or nut butter & fruit

→See our oats recipes for some yummy ideas!

-2 eggs, toast with smashed avocado, & fruit

Keep it simple & stick to foods that are easy to digest but will keep you fueled all practice or game long.



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