Fruit Yogurt 2.0

Happy Monday! An early morning drive home from the Jersey Shore (avoiding traffic 101) can only mean one thing- quick snack to hold me over.

#CWE has a pretty versatile palette, but fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt has never really been our thing. Of course, fresh berries always rule the day, but sometimes you don’t have them handy or they’re out of season. This is why we always keep frozen berries & fruit on deck. They’re cheaper than fresh berries #holla and you can use them in a lot of different recipes.

Fruit yogurt 2.0 is really easy to prepare & serves as a really great snack.



-Plain Greek yogurt (we love Fage 2%- it’s so much creamier than non-fat. Plus, as athletes, we need the extra nutrients!)

-Frozen berries (in this pic, I used blueberries)

*Disclaimer: those are fresh banana slices on top

-Toppings: granola, super-foods, or nuts (in this pic, I used whole flax seed & almond slices)


1. Microwave your frozen berries in a cup for about 30 seconds.

*they won’t be mushy or warm- you’re just trying to defrost them

2. Mix in the berries with the plain Greek yogurt, and then top with any toppings!

#FuelSimply #CWE


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