Sea’crets, sea’crets are no fun

Sometimes there is nothing better than a fresh piece of fish. Tonight I was spoiled with a fresh piece of tuna steak caught right from the Atlantic ocean on my Dad’s latest fishing trip. My Dad always says fishing is a team sport, so I figured what better place to feature his fish than on a blog dedicated to being #teamfirst.

I paired the tuna with a baked/grilled sweet potato & sautéed kale with ripe tomatoes for a tasty dinner. This took all of 10 minutes to prepare (since my potato was pre-cooked). Simple.



-Tuna steak (you can buy these frozen!)




-Sweet potato

-Olive oil

-Sesame seeds


1. Rub the tuna steak with extra virgin olive oil on both sides. Sprinkle some coarse black pepper on both sides, and then sprinkle sesame seeds, too. Pat the sesame seeds lightly to make sure they stick.

2. Grill the tuna steak on both sides for about 2 minutes. You don’t want to overcook the fish. Remember it is supposed to be raw inside! #sushigrade

3. Heat some EVOO in a pan on low heat. Add chopped garlic. Let the garlic simmer until lightly golden, and then add the kale. Stir until cooked all of the way through.

4. Chop up some tomatoes to add on top of the kale, and voila.

Remember, sea’crets are only fun when you share with everyone.

#FuelSimply #CWE


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