egg in’ amazing 

Randomly threw this together & loved it…used mostly things I had in the fridge already so it took me less than ten minutes to throw together  
Took some quinoa that I made earlier in the week, along with sweet potatoes I sautéed a couple days ago. Heated them up in the microwave 

Put an egg on the stove and cooked it overeasy, did it pretty well done so the yoke isn’t super runny (I imagine a hard boiled egg or maybe even scrambled egg whites would be good replacements too) 

Sautéed a pretty large amount of spinach, and put the egg and spinach on top of the warmed up quinoa…finished with some cucumbers. 

If you like Bragg’s Amino Acids or Coconut Aminos those are good to add a little soy sauce taste to this too 


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